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Here’s a CA70 track appearing in a McDonald’s commercial.

There is other production on top (I don’t know which house/who), namely the ascending brass from :10-:17 and the McTag. Other than that, the track is called “British Guy” and comes c/o VideoHelper. Here’s another place it’s turned up. That’s me playing fretted electric bass (Fender Jazz) with a pick. Produced ca. 2008-09 while a resident at 3rd Ward.

I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s for over 13 years and I’ll just leave it at that. See if you can recognize the same orchestra hits from (the same sound library as used in) The Streets “Same Old Thing”.

Dubstep DJs: Notice the guitar skanks? Same session as “Midnight Sun“, released 3 years ago this week. Go buy a copy to celebrate!

ENCOUNTERS by Sébastien Spitz

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Encounters is a short film (or long commercial, you decide) written and directed by Sébastien Spitz for Rémy Martin and Louis XIII Le Jeroboam. This is a serious luxury cognac with only 100 bottles produced. Pricetag: €16,000 / $22,800.

Read all about it herehere, and here.

The opening track is CA70, “Birth Of A Notion” from POLITIK c/o VideoHelper’s ScoreHelper Series. It’s used throughout.

Notes: Some of the best distortion I’ve used (and is all over POLITIK) is heard here, an Ensoniq DP/4+ with a dead battery. This track was also used for Making The Sopranos: Season 6.

Rankin Films / Abaco

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These are some films from British photographer/filmmaker Rankin via his HUNGER TV site and his Jitrois Fall/Winter 2011 campaign/collab.

My client (in this case ) is Abaco Music Library and you can explore this release here. I produced these all while a resident at 3rd Ward.

Jitrois #3, 4, 7, 9, 11 = “Ghost Power” and “Warehouse Skirmish”
Take Me to Outer Space = “Supernatural”.
Scented Senses = “Static Jump”.

Loving these! Thanks Rankin and Abaco!

Kid Week Junior Commercial

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Here’s a commercial for Kids Week Junior Magazine from the Netherlands using CA70 Music. The track is “Bubaloo” via Videohelper (ASCAP).

Production note: I made perc loops out of bubblegum pops = an (maybe not-so) obvious musical pun on bubblegum rock. You can almost hear them if you focus on the 1/8 notes (esp 2+). They didn’t use an all-gum breakdown where the rhythm gets a bit more adventurous. Because I ended up using what I’d consider crap gum at the core re: better for recording with its high frequencies I cannot say the brand name here. But it’s named after a military weapon and comes with a little comic.

Ocean’s Eleven Casino

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Another spot via Streamlight Video (San Diego) for Ocean’s Eleven, “San Diego’s friendliest non-smoking casino!”

This looks like the type of spot that runs 24/7/365 in your hotel room. The track is “Loaded Dice, Loaded Gun” via Videohelper (ASCAP) © 2004. The edit is light and informative but I’ve always pictured something ultra-violent/anti-heroic: A showgirl’s vendetta against all men who wronged her. Plumes, knee-boots, .44 Magnum, runny mascara and all. Production love: the bass guitar tone and the (sorta) chaotic non-tonality of it all.

Opening Day @ Del Mar Races 2009: 944 Magazine Afterparty

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This via Streamlight Video. Coverage of the 944 (San Diego) Afterparty with Audrina Patridge. The track is “Congratulations, You’re Dead” c/o Videohelper (ASCAP) © 2002. That’s a 7-year-old track = CA70 tenet = keep it timeless. Highlights: bass guitar @ :36 and those ridiculous rimshot snares.

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