2005 Black Movie Awards, TBS Comedy Festival, My Boys Spots

Here’s some random cable TV spots. One of them goes back to 2005. They are from Wolff Brothers Post in Atlanta. The tracks run like this and are all c/o Videohelper.

2005 Black Movie Awards: “My Main Main” (see No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency)
TBS Comedy: “Shockfloor”
TBS Behind the Scenes: My Boys S2: “Rock the Funk”
Planet Green’s Wasted: “Soul Snap”

I have nothing interesting to add except a production note re: RTF. That’s a demo of the Prosoniq Orange Vocoder. It times out every 5 minutes so getting all the parts was both frustrating and economical = no endless tinkering. I wish all states of noise-making had this ability to end option paralysis and push you away from the well. I swear I’m going to buy it. It’s awesome!

*These are not exactly spots I’m bragging about but I wanted to include some other network usage.

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