Cuba: Forbidden Fortune

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Hello and welcome to CA70′s 101st post!

I’ve been super busy lately re: not able to keep up with backlog. In the spirit of breaking the silence, here’s a spot. It’s the theme for CNBC’s Cuba: Forbidden Fortune and they use my track “Barrio Superstar” via VideoHelper. It originally aired on 3/26/12.

I’m flattered they chose this track because the piece is describing Cuba’s transformation from (the stereotype of) oppressed, Cold War communists to an open, 21st century nation. Whether or not that transformation is good remains to be seen. Also, the word “afro-cuban” is stuffed into the track description. Either way, my own motivation was: make an ultra-modern Latin (sounding) track. This was 2004.

Composition note: I (was trying to achieve this by) super-imposing the orchestration idiom of unison left-hand piano/upright bass (appropriated into a basic montuno rhythm) with sparse sine-gliss doubling and a jungle beat. I also played live drums for a layer.

This album came out on my first wedding anniversary.

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