CA70 on SNL

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I got a placement recently on Saturday Night Live (Episode 751, Lady Gaga is host/musical guest).

It originally aired on 11/16/13 and is c/o Darkfly (Firstcom/Universal). The track is “Everyone Is A DJ” from DF18. Enjoy!

The irony of this is: four months earlier I (also) had a placement on Keeping Up With The Kardashians from the same Darkfly album (DF18). It’s life imitating art imitating life. But is it life at all?


There’s No Such Thing as News Music

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I troll the internet for video spots using CA70 all the time.

I’ve gone through literally thousands of links over the year and ended up with a folder of about 100 promos, mostly news. One of my clients (VideoHelper) has a massive foothold on the promo market and here’s a sizzle reel of 10 spots. They (as a rule) vary wildly in what an on-air producer (or any average Joe) would consider “news music”.

Writing good music is first and foremost. Writing for a specific scenario (setting out to produce “news music”) risks sounding like a cliché and almost always does. Even writing on assignment, my “news music” is (at best) impressionistic.

These are all types, from every major network, and different markets. Want more proof it’s a cliché? Stop the next person you see and ask them what “news music” is. Want your track to be in a news promo? Stuff the title with newsy words.

Note: At 2:00, the track is “Waukeesha Dub”, my remix of Chris Hanson’s track “Wizard of Waukeesha”.

Minute to Win It

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This from NBC’s Minute to Win It as aired 1/05/11. The track is “Hidden Temple” c/o Videohelper. Although I have other music in the show it seems like they consistently use this track during the nail-biter sequences. Production notes: The big rimshot on 4 and smeared choral effects. Thanks NBC!

Law and Order: SVU

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This week promoting L&O: SVU via Videohelper (ASCAP) © 2004 titled “Revenge In D Minor”.

I did a prepared piano session for this track on a Kawai upright including a delayed one-shot of the highest key + hits of hammers/mallets to the soundboard. This track has DNA from Giorgio Moroder’s Scarface (harmony), John Cage, and Portishead. Nothing wrong with that. Having a good run at NBC (!) and gwan Mystery Producer.

Note: This week’s The Office also had a blip of stereotypical Italian/Mafia music; it’s called “Gangster Vs. Gangsta” but was just too short to warrant any attention. Stay tuned for a different post depicting an entirely different license/usage!

Law and Order: Los Angeles

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A new spot for Law & Order: Los Angeles. I found this embedded in NBC (The Office) On Demand. The track is “The City Beneath” via Videohelper (ASCAP). Thanks to whatever producer at NBC is feeling my tracks! See my videoreel for a similar edit/use for the show Trauma.

NBC/Walmart Spot

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This spot ran during The Celebrity Apprentice S9 around Earth Day of 2010. The track is “Morning Signs” (via Videohelper) and is popular with the networks. I’m slightly uncomfortable/sad licensing for Walmart (and such a greenwashing campaign to boot); I guess that’s showbiz. You have to stop caring about it (“it” = the powerlessness the non-publisher has in terms of mega-corporations, political parties, and religious groups using music, maybe even mine, for their message) sooner or later. OK America. You win.

Videoreel 2010

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Working on a new, simpler, single-page CA70 experience. Getting rid of à la carte video links (annoying) in lieu of one updated and evolving videoreel. All music and sound design CA70 (Chris Jones) and I’m pretty sure the movie studios, networks, and production companies involved reserve ALL their rights too. Thanks!

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