Carlos, Eco Heroes, Full Frontal Fashion, Go Green

Here’s a slew of spots for The Sundance Channel featuring CA70 Music. I get a fair amount of usage in their “Go Green” campaign including Eco Heroes with Majora Carter (this episode featuring director Jonathan Demme). Also included is a montage of clips from Full Frontal Fashion’s Catwalk Countdown and a trailer for the original mini-series Carlos. Note: See NBC’s use of the same Eco Heroes track in their “Green Is More Colorful” campaign here. All tracks are via Videohelper (ASCAP) © 2000-2009 and are played out as follows:

FFF’s Catwalk Countdown: “Bedford Shuffle”, “British Guy”, “Conclusion” and “Pageantry”.

Carlos: “Underground Movement”.

Eco Heroes: “Morning Signs”.

The Green (Robert Redford): “Image is Everything”.

The Green: “RPM Quartet”.

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