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I’m pleased to announce a new audiovisual project called Plosive. Here is the bio as ripped from our website and two video pieces I created for the launch.

Plosive is the duo of composer/sound designers Chris Jones and Flavio Lemelle who produce cinematic, forward-thinking electroacoustic music.

The music is created in two stages. First, there is the formulation of the sonic raw material. These sounds can range from organic (acoustic instruments, field/concrete/found sounds) and digital sound design abstractions using state-of-the-art software.

Employing innovative approaches, the material is then manipulated and molded into sound gestures that are arresting in their own right, and then arranged into visceral, evolving, epic widescreen experiences.

Their debut release “Acts” is an engaging and immersive excursion into 16 compositions, each split up into 3 sections covering all of the sonic and musical possibilities.

We’ve been working on this project since November of 2010 and are exclusively represented by Immediate Music. ALL licensing inquiries should be directed toward them.

Plosive [P] logo, music for Churning, website: Flavio Lemelle.
Films / Animations, music for Memorylock: Chris Jones

New Release with Abaco / Imagem

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Really love these new tracks I released with Abaco / Imagem. You can check them out by clicking here and read a blip here. Producers Tony Thorpe and Count Zero (see his video) are also featured. Nice stuff!

New Release on Betamorph!

Happy to announce this 7-track EP with Betamorph. You can check it out at Beatport plus the Betamorph site has a review. These tracks were produced between 2007-2009 in various places. Note: HONKY and SOLID being of “Volume 1″ (so-to-speak) were summed analog on a Neve 8816 plus native A/D. The others are through my current config of a Dangerous 2-Bus to Lavry AD10. ATLANTIS and TIGER were produced in my old studio on South 5th and the rest at 3rd Ward. I like the latter config better but the Neve suits the early sound. I master in Peak with only some limiting and no compression.

Firstcom’s Darkfly Demo

In 2009, I produced a volume of music for Firstcom’s Darkfly library. This is an edit of their video demo that ran at NAB this year and featured CA70 tracks. All music is © ZFC Publishing/Universal Music Corporation.

Robin Danar’s Altered States

This is a record I worked on with Robin Danar back in 2008. It’s called Altered States and you can read about it here on the Shanachie website. Guest artists included Paul Buchanan, Pete Yorn, Kinky, Minibar, Rachael Yamagata, Jesca Hoop, and Lisa Loeb. There’s also an L.A. Times article here and you can buy the album on iTunes here. Our track is called “Fool” (feat. Andy Levin and Holly Palmer).

The song is written (even though the content of AS is mainly covers) by Andy (lyric/mel) and myself (music/arr). It was a demo from years before that I thought was long dead to be honest; Andy met RD somehow, played him the song, and he loved it. I immediately wrangled stems via a Macintosh PPC 6500 with (lol) Studio Vision. I could not throw out that computer because that glorified jump drive (3GB!) cost a lot in 1997. That’s me singing back-ups as Scatman Ruffin via Fat Albert. Originally recorded in 2002.

Overcast Radio Releases 2008-9

December 2008

LINC and REAPPEAR released on 11/24/08 on Apparatus Records (AR012). REAPPEAR charts to #41 on Dubstep Top 100 on 12/1.

Check the Surface Tension Records promo mix by DJ Shiva here. Surface Tension is a new label ready to destroy the world of dubstep and bass music of any kind. VENDETTA and MIDNIGHT SUN are to be my first releases with them. Glad to be involved with such a great roster of producers. STR recently got a huge plug on Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations show #48 (feat. Pinch).

overcast radio chosen substance morphous andrew .

April 2009

MIDNIGHT SUN and VENDETTA are released on 4/10/09 on Surface Tension (STNSN002) on vinyl and digital.

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