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I’m pleased to announce a new audiovisual project called Plosive. Here is the bio as ripped from our website and two video pieces I created for the launch.

Plosive is the duo of composer/sound designers Chris Jones and Flavio Lemelle who produce cinematic, forward-thinking electroacoustic music.

The music is created in two stages. First, there is the formulation of the sonic raw material. These sounds can range from organic (acoustic instruments, field/concrete/found sounds) and digital sound design abstractions using state-of-the-art software.

Employing innovative approaches, the material is then manipulated and molded into sound gestures that are arresting in their own right, and then arranged into visceral, evolving, epic widescreen experiences.

Their debut release “Acts” is an engaging and immersive excursion into 16 compositions, each split up into 3 sections covering all of the sonic and musical possibilities.

We’ve been working on this project since November of 2010 and are exclusively represented by Immediate Music. ALL licensing inquiries should be directed toward them.

Plosive [P] logo, music for Churning, website: Flavio Lemelle.
Films / Animations, music for Memorylock: Chris Jones

New Release with Abaco / Imagem

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Really love these new tracks I released with Abaco / Imagem. You can check them out by clicking here and read a blip here. Producers Tony Thorpe and Count Zero (see his video) are also featured. Nice stuff!

Firstcom’s Darkfly Demo

In 2009, I produced a volume of music for Firstcom’s Darkfly library. This is an edit of their video demo that ran at NAB this year and featured CA70 tracks. All music is © ZFC Publishing/Universal Music Corporation.

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