An Inside Look at AMC’s Mad Men aka The Return of Mr. Goldie

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My track “Mr. Goldie” (c/o Videohelper) is a classic hip-hop/funk CA70 joint. Here it is being used by AMC for a behind-the-scenes look at Mad Men.

It was also used as the theme for A&E’s Breakfast With The Arts and the Biography episode of Hunter S. Thompson.

Production notes: That is a reel-to-reel tape getting played with not a turntable. And I’m pretty sure that stereo-delayed upbeat scrape is a dustpan. I just don’t know why it’s a dustpan. Listen to the whole thing here.

Breaking Bad

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Here’s a great spot for AMC’s Breaking Bad featuring myself and my colleague/co-producer/friend, Flavio Lemelle. Three CA70 tracks/pieces are appearing via Videohelper: “Voidshock”, “Specters”, and “The Destroyer Cometh”.

Note: “Destroyer” also was licensed for the HBO film Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq and you can see another BB episodic in my old video reel. The irony of that post is I’m ditching highlight reels in favor of à la carte categories. The need for aspect/format conformity sticks in my editor craw and spot-trolling is a WYSIWYG affair. And so it goes.

Videoreel 2010

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Working on a new, simpler, single-page CA70 experience. Getting rid of à la carte video links (annoying) in lieu of one updated and evolving videoreel. All music and sound design CA70 (Chris Jones) and I’m pretty sure the movie studios, networks, and production companies involved reserve ALL their rights too. Thanks!

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