There’s No Such Thing as News Music

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I troll the internet for video spots using CA70 all the time.

I’ve gone through literally thousands of links over the year and ended up with a folder of about 100 promos, mostly news. One of my clients (VideoHelper) has a massive foothold on the promo market and here’s a sizzle reel of 10 spots. They (as a rule) vary wildly in what an on-air producer (or any average Joe) would consider “news music”.

Writing good music is first and foremost. Writing for a specific scenario (setting out to produce “news music”) risks sounding like a cliché and almost always does. Even writing on assignment, my “news music” is (at best) impressionistic.

These are all types, from every major network, and different markets. Want more proof it’s a cliché? Stop the next person you see and ask them what “news music” is. Want your track to be in a news promo? Stuff the title with newsy words.

Note: At 2:00, the track is “Waukeesha Dub”, my remix of Chris Hanson’s track “Wizard of Waukeesha”.

20/20 and Mind Games

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Here are two 2010 spots for ABC news that show typical CA70 usage. The tracks are “Waiting Game” (20/20) and “Genetic Blackmail” (Mind Games) c/o Videohelper. Sometimes they are tough to pick out as evidenced by the 20/20 spot; the producers do lots of cutting and sweetening.

Cool WFAA Spot

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Great design in this WFAA (Dallas/Ft. Worth ABC affiliate) weather spot. The track is “Zawonga” c/o Videohelper. That rude guitar tone is a Goya Rangemaster through a Spectra in two- and three-part harmony. Really fun sounding track.

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