BOXING: Everything You Need To Know (And For A Good Cause)

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of my first project Boxing, I will donate ALL proceeds of your $10 CD purchase to Programa Sueños. This is a new charity created to assist and promote education for low-income children in Guatemala spearheaded by my friend Jazmin Carrillo. You can read all about it here.

What is Boxing? Now for the history.

Boxing was recorded in NYC between 1999-2001. Here is the original synopsis from my first website.

is a recording of instrumental music for guitar, bass, and drums. The idea originated in 1998 out of necessity/want for timekeeping while [literally] boxing. It eventually became a piece about format, overstimulation, and polytonality. The recording has nothing to do with sports, but uses boxing [metaphorically] as a parallel [re: vehicle] to transcendence. I wanted to do all that and still rock.”

My present-day edits are in brackets. I’ve become a better writer since then.

The format depicts a 12-round match via 3-minute “rounds” and 1-minute “breaks”. Pieces are titled as they are numbered 1-12. There (also) is an overall arc of activity: the bombast/exposition of Round 1, the open-throttle chaos of Round 6, the utter blackout of the last 11 minutes. One should refer to this graphic: it is the play-list.

The instrumentation is intentionally singular: guitar, bass, and drums. There is quite a bit of processing/design to it and (as much as I tried to stretch it) its monochromaticism is intentional theme-glue. Boxing takes genre cues from (only the many) punk, shoegaze, motorik, minimalist, noise/ambient areas. The iTunes Store files it under Classical and you can get it there as well.

There are some production flaws but you don’t rewrite your diary.

As if this wasn’t ambitious enough, I’ve decided to make a Boxing film. Here is Round/Break 1. You can also see it on my Vimeo and YouTube pages.

Thanks and enjoy!






Sound-film #1

Here’s some new sound-film action. Also on Vimeo. Enjoy!

Old (2005) Video Project

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I just felt like posting something besides music.

These are collages using stills from a silent video project. The film uses shots of 4 different angles of moving railroad tracks with terminally saturated contrast. Shots were cut to specific lengths (8 frame multiples), numbered, and randomized. Any time the randomizer threw out 2 consecutive and equal frame-counts, I inserted a corresponding (third) black shot.

It’s definitely primitive. I made it on this computer (iMovie) in a couple of hours using LIRR footage = no great shakes. But I do like destroyed pixelated messes. Click here for the video.


My First Kickstarter Project

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I created my first Kickstarter campaign this past Monday 3/19/12. Here’s what it is.

I’ve known and worked with singer/songwriter R.M. Charde (‘Bob’) on various music and art projects for over 20 years. In 2007, I produced a song of his called “Good Morning”, which David B. Levy animated into a short film. The film was a success; it airs on Nick Jr, and made the rounds at every major kid’s film festival.

Here’s some extra back story you won’t read on Kickstarter. In 1998, Bob and I co-scored David’s first film Snow Business, which placed second for Best Score at the ASIFA Festival of the same year. I believe it was John Canemaker’s Bridgehampton that took first. It was at this after-party that I first met Don Duga. I was living in the Hamptons at the time and actually gave Don a ride out east. We’ve cast Don Duga to be our next animator for Bob’s song “When I’m With You” and everything else you need to know is on the Kickstarter page. You can also pledge monetary support via Paypal. Click and enter your amount. The charge will be listed as “March Kickstarter Campaign”.

Legal note: Paypal DOES NOT work like the Kickstarter model of all-or-nothing. Once you submit any money to CA70 Music, INC. (a for-profit S Corp) you support the endeavors of CA70 Music, INC. via a non-refundable pledge. Paypal pledge = I trust Chris Jones/CA70 and his projects without Kickstarter. I do not expect to/WILL NOT see my money back if the Kickstarter campaign fails. For Paypal’s complete legal dossier, click here. In the event that a Paypal pledge arrives to an under-funded Kickstarter campaign, I will be converting said funds to Kickstarter pledges.  I will do my best to align that individual to corresponding incentives but CA70 is NOT legally required to do so.


Attention Screen: Otto’s Shrunken Head (w/ Dawoud)

Here’s a recording from our 12/2/11 sets at Otto’s Shrunken Head.

Bob Reina: electric piano
Don Fiorino: guitars, electric mandola
Mark Flynn: drums
Chris Jones: double bass
Dawoud (Abdoup Mboup, Jojo Kuo) : dilruba

No pics except this one of Don. Note the contact mic and sitar bridge. Drop in around 44:30.


Planetarium was conceived in 2001 after attending a lecture at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The idea was to create representations of planetary orbits in a “musical” way so they could be sensed or (in this case) heard. Each planets’ size (diameter) is represented by a tone (sine) within a fixed spectrum. Initially, this spectrum was too large (first experiments were set at 40-10k Hz) and resulted in sounds (even) I thought to be unlistenable. I decided to limit the spectrum to the current 2-octave range of 415-1660 Hz (Jupiter and Pluto being the extremes). The “years” are reduced to 1/10,000,000.

Note: This was before Pluto’s reclassification and exile to the Kuiper belt.

Many iterations of this project happened in the last 10 years. Tone duration was once a/2 and in the original spectrum of 40-10k? 6 minutes of 10k = not pleasant. There were planet specific “remixes”. The original “piece” represented 2 Plutonian years (approx. 496 Earth years), divided the Earth year (3.16s) into a 2-bar phrase and had 1/4-note kicks. At 151.89 BPM, a 1/4-note would equal about 45 days + 8 hrs.

I decided to re-examine the whole idea recently; I just couldn’t let it go. The expression of “music” didn’t seem to serve the concept. The intent is philosophic, not musical. To remove boundaries of macro/micro/faith/science. Kubrickian Zen.

I added two other (new) attributes to the tone-loops: Pan is assigned in relation to each planet’s average distance from the Sun (3.67 billion miles : 127). Gain is assigned based on a fixed range of 40 dB and each planet’s average distance from Earth (Earth = 0 dB). Durations are: a/4 + linear fade.

So now you know. This is why Planetarium is now (completed and) an online installation that loops forever if you want.

Start time is chaotic re: loading tone-loops. Consider it a Big Bang.

Above: Original graphics for Planetarium.

Above: At Meteor Crater, Arizona 2001.


Attention Screen Online Press Kit

Modern Jazz Integrating World Music and Classical Textures


The quartet Attention Screen integrates jazz, world music, and classical vocabularies into flowing musical explorations.

Their music is composed spontaneously, immediately accessible, and backed by four lifetimes of experience in jazz, classical, world music, and sound design. The group has released three CDs on Stereophile Recordings, an audiophile label.

Click on any cover art to purchase.


Live At Merkin Hall from 2007, showcases the group’s broad range in front of a sold-out audience at Manhattan’s intimate hall with near-perfect acoustics.

Click here to see it named one of Stereomojo’s Best Jazz albums of 2007 along with Herbie Hancock and Arturo Sandoval.

Click here to read the review from Downtown Music Gallery.

Click here to read The Making of Live at Merkin Hall written by Wes Philips and John Atkinson and click here for Wes Phillips’ original concert review, Miracle at Merkin.

Click play below for audio:


Live at Otto’s is a more of a documentary/cinema vérité feel. Its track-list culled from two year’s worth of live recordings (also) by Stereophile editor John Atkinson. Released 2009.

Click here for John Atkinson’s Stereophile article about Live at Otto’s.

Click play below for audio:


Attention Screen Takes Flight At Yamaha from 2011, documents a concert partly commissioned by Yamaha to showcase their innovative AvantGrand piano.

Click here for Jason Victor Serinus’ review and interview.

Click here for John Atkinson’s article Live Recording: Documentary or Artifice.

Click here to watch the LIVE video of “13 Trojans of Vundo” also from ASTFAY.

Click play below for audio:


Although the group is based in New York City, they have performed internationally, and their compositions have received radio airplay from the West Coast of the U.S. to Madrid. Their roster of guest collaborators include: Daniel Carter (horns), Dee Pop (drums), Andy Haas (horns), David Gould (drums), Blaise Siwula (horns), and Mia Theodoratus (harp).

For 2012 and beyond, the group has been adding new instruments (mandolin, glissentar, free bass accordion, and upright bass) to the mix and plan another live recording with a recently refurbished pipe organ. Pre-production has also begun on an upcoming studio project produced by AS bassist Chris Jones and Stereophile editor/AS producer John Atkinson.

Bob Reina

To load more posts, click here.


Experiment #1 “Winter”

Artist/Musician,Video Art — admin @ 4:18 pm

This is another experiment in visual music using expressions in AE. Mistakes were made but I’m learning. One “mistake” was using very still shots; these are footage not stills. The original intent for these was using them as is. Whatever is lying around, I’m a big recycler.

There are 3 elements: the big(ger) transients, the low glissy drones, the metallic crackles. The transients trigger embossing, the low drones trigger red and blue drift via left and right channels, and the metal triggers the grid-like shutter parameter.

What I’m learning is: this whole format may be better served by creating sounds that will support visual transformations, rather than create stand-alone audio collages (“music”) and assign the “parts” to visual parameters. Not every sound deserves to transform.

This piece fails in the sense of: having a good concept or arc. There is the loose theme of winter shots (again, whatever is lying around) but it goes nowhere. But I can own the fact that good experiments often succeed by failing.


Since starting [P]LOSIVE my interest in AE (video in general) has continued to take permanent hold. I’m especially interested in multi-track audio to keyframe conversion (re: multiple comps) with expressions.

This is a simple test (mistakes and all) using the pick whip and basic/slightly modified scripting but the ideas are there. The color palette/shape set is very kindergarten but I just wanted to have some visual separation. The still graphics are the sources.

I’m (still after 3 years) just scratching the surface but am totally hooked.


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I’m pleased to announce a new audiovisual project called Plosive. Here is the bio as ripped from our website and two video pieces I created for the launch.

Plosive is the duo of composer/sound designers Chris Jones and Flavio Lemelle who produce cinematic, forward-thinking electroacoustic music.

The music is created in two stages. First, there is the formulation of the sonic raw material. These sounds can range from organic (acoustic instruments, field/concrete/found sounds) and digital sound design abstractions using state-of-the-art software.

Employing innovative approaches, the material is then manipulated and molded into sound gestures that are arresting in their own right, and then arranged into visceral, evolving, epic widescreen experiences.

Their debut release “Acts” is an engaging and immersive excursion into 16 compositions, each split up into 3 sections covering all of the sonic and musical possibilities.

We’ve been working on this project since November of 2010 and are exclusively represented by Immediate Music. ALL licensing inquiries should be directed toward them.

Plosive [P] logo, music for Churning, website: Flavio Lemelle.
Films / Animations, music for Memorylock: Chris Jones

Attention Screen @ Otto’s 11/5/10

EDIT: This show is canceled! Here’s why. Sorry!

Double (twin) basses with guests John Atkinson and Liam Sillery.

New Release on Betamorph!

Happy to announce this 7-track EP with Betamorph. You can check it out at Beatport plus the Betamorph site has a review. These tracks were produced between 2007-2009 in various places. Note: HONKY and SOLID being of “Volume 1″ (so-to-speak) were summed analog on a Neve 8816 plus native A/D. The others are through my current config of a Dangerous 2-Bus to Lavry AD10. ATLANTIS and TIGER were produced in my old studio on South 5th and the rest at 3rd Ward. I like the latter config better but the Neve suits the early sound. I master in Peak with only some limiting and no compression.

Attention Screen @ YASI

Thanks to all who attended the (almost sold-out) concert at YASI. Read about it at Stereophile’s Stephen Mejias’ blog here and check the Stereophile photo gallery here. The recording is to be released this October at the 2010 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver. Stay tuned for details about the record release party @ YASI and Stereophile interview.


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Another digital quickie…this one involving multiple zooms on MIDI CC info.

Robin Danar’s Altered States

This is a record I worked on with Robin Danar back in 2008. It’s called Altered States and you can read about it here on the Shanachie website. Guest artists included Paul Buchanan, Pete Yorn, Kinky, Minibar, Rachael Yamagata, Jesca Hoop, and Lisa Loeb. There’s also an L.A. Times article here and you can buy the album on iTunes here. Our track is called “Fool” (feat. Andy Levin and Holly Palmer).

The song is written (even though the content of AS is mainly covers) by Andy (lyric/mel) and myself (music/arr). It was a demo from years before that I thought was long dead to be honest; Andy met RD somehow, played him the song, and he loved it. I immediately wrangled stems via a Macintosh PPC 6500 with (lol) Studio Vision. I could not throw out that computer because that glorified jump drive (3GB!) cost a lot in 1997. That’s me singing back-ups as Scatman Ruffin via Fat Albert. Originally recorded in 2002.

Attention Screen Reviews and Art History

Other Attention Screen graphic design. Also note Snowflake on one of the flyers. Check the reviews of Live at Merkin Hall (STPH018-2) via Stereomojo’s Best of 2007 and Downtown Music Gallery.

The “design concept” was obvious; 4 players, 4 basic colors. Soundbite explanation: Saul Bass/Blue Note redo with geometric cut-up Zen-chancery.

Dead Crew Orbit Mixes

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DCO 01

01. Philip K. Dick Intro
02. AUTECHRE / Altibzz
03. LEE SCRATCH PERRY / Come Along
04. 2562 / Basin Dub
05. ASUSU / Serrom Khen
06. KOWTON / Drone 13
07. PINCH / 136 Trek
08. KING MIDAS SOUND / Surround Me
09. MORPHOUS / Rama Chant (Beat)
10. SUKH KNIGHT / Born Invincible
11. KING TUBBY / Hi-Fi Dub
12. KODE 9 / Nine Samurai
13. DISTANCE / My Demons
14. ELEMENTAL / Raw Material
15. KING TUBBY / London Bridge Special
17. OVERCAST RADIO / Midnight Sun
18. THOM YORKE / Atoms for Peace (Four Tet Remix)
19. OVERCAST RADIO / Vendetta
20. PHAELEH / Inside
21. OVERCAST RADIO / Honky Paradise
22. PINCH / Chamber Dub
24. OVERCAST RADIO / Prehistoric Transit
25. PHAELEH / Killer
27. BURNING SPEAR_I and I Survive

DCO 02

01. SCIENTIST / Voodoo Curse
02. RADIOHEAD / Nude (Flavinho Megabyte)
03. SUBEENA / Transient
04. TRG / Put You Down
05. MARTYN / Vancouver
06. BARRACUDA / Darkness
07. RAKOON / Warrior Dub
09. TES LA ROK / Man From Planet X
10. OVERCAST RADIO / Planet People
11. HONCHO / Toothache
12. SUKH KNIGHT / Diesel Not Petrol
13. MILANESE / Mr. Ion
14. PURE PHASE / Zonal
15. SULLY / Crime Spree
16. GOLDFINGER / Chainsaw
17. SAUL WILLIAMS / Broken Instruments (Rumblejunkie Mix)
18. 2562 / Theorem
19. BOXCUTTER / Glyphic
20. ASUSU / Solitude
21. SCIENTIST / Dance of the Vampires

Complete Walking Loops

Artist/Musician,Video Art — admin @ 5:09 pm

I like simple animation using pics and image sequences rather than real-time video. These were created with a Blackberry Curve 2-megapixel camera while walking. I like the exposure/shutter defaults; it kind of has an old look. Point: Since the “motion” is created in your mind (analog) rather than a video camera (digital) the “motion” looks better. The only catch is: We can’t make those connections in real-time; time must be sped up so our brain takes those higher sample rates.

These will also make cool visuals at parties.

Attention Screen Concert and Recording

Some readers know about the free-jazz/world-noise group Attention Screen I’ve been with since 2006. The group has recorded 3 discs so far–one independent (La Tessitura HOJO 110) and two for Stereophile Records (Live at Merkin Hall STPH018-2 and Live at Otto’s Shrunken Head STPH020-2). This will be our 3rd Stereophile release (and maybe our last compact disc as we may just go digital and vinyl only).

This concert is a joint venture between Yamaha and Stereophile to promote their new AvantGrand N3 electric/digital/sampled piano. Read all about the piano and the event here and here.

For people who do not know about the history of this group, please check Wes Phillips’ review of the Merkin Hall concert here, an extensive article about the production of LAMH here, and the PR re: the release of Live at Otto’s Shrunken Head here.

I invite everyone to attend this rare opp to see AS in a recital hall setting which will be both intimate/elegant and rowdy/loud. AS is 100% spontaneous composition. I have heard us compared to: AMM, Can, King Crimson, Weather Report, and Keith Jarrett/Jack DeJohnette projects. AS has also had Daniel Carter, Andy Haas, Dee Pop, and David Gould as ad hoc members. Their associated acts are everyone from Sun Ra to Thurston Moore to John Zorn to Elliot Carter to Bush Tetras.

Note: I also create all AS graphics. Check back for a post re: AS art history and other ephemera. See you all at this once-in-a-lifetime concert. Ticketholders will also get a discount on the recording they witnessed when it is released Fall 2010. Thanks so much everyone!

Podcasts, Mixtapes, Radio 2009

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Been figuring how to archive mixtapes and podcast play. I think I’ll just do an update 2x a year or so. This will get everyone current. The last year of (selected) mixes, podcasts, radio have come courtesy of:

Trillbass Top 40 (USA)
Wiggle Baron and Unsettla (UK)
Roko (Berlin)
Tri-Funk (EARFORCE) in Lund, Sweden.
Niiki Bushido in Ekaterinburg, Russia. (SF, CA.)
Just John (PDX, OR.)

Overcast Radio Releases 2008-9

December 2008

LINC and REAPPEAR released on 11/24/08 on Apparatus Records (AR012). REAPPEAR charts to #41 on Dubstep Top 100 on 12/1.

Check the Surface Tension Records promo mix by DJ Shiva here. Surface Tension is a new label ready to destroy the world of dubstep and bass music of any kind. VENDETTA and MIDNIGHT SUN are to be my first releases with them. Glad to be involved with such a great roster of producers. STR recently got a huge plug on Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations show #48 (feat. Pinch).

overcast radio chosen substance morphous andrew .

April 2009

MIDNIGHT SUN and VENDETTA are released on 4/10/09 on Surface Tension (STNSN002) on vinyl and digital.

DCO IS BACK @ Bar 13

We are back at Bar 13 (subway to Union Square). It’s a great location, the sound-system is huge, and it’s a great room. We are building this up for rooftop parties in the summer so get down there! Dead Crew Orbit is every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at Bar 13 with residents Hellfire Machina, Overcast Radio (me), and The Man Called Morphous. It’s $3 and upcoming guests include Incyde b2b Pandai’a, Enkryption Projekt, and Dore b2b Nebulla. Looking forward to getting this party of the ground and having some serious shit go down this summer!


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You’ve seen these in the subways. Without embarking on a point-counterpoint discussion about street art, remix culture, vandalism, and the unpredictable bullshit the NYC subway system often deals out causing the boredom that compels someone like myself to create these collages in the first place, just realize that these can be extremely creative. These pics are of some collages I discovered as well as some I made myself. Now that this phenomena has been addressed let’s never speak of it again.

Dead Crew Orbits Williamsburg

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(This press release just out.)

Brooklyn, NY – October 2, 2008 – A new heavy bass party called Dead Crew Orbit (DCO) kicks off in Brooklyn on Thursdays at Supreme Trading in Williamsburg.

Starting October 16th, three DJs / recording artists come together for a night of new sounds and outer planetary exploration. Expect Dubstep, Future Roots, Minimal Techno, Bassline, Drum n Bass, HipHop and much more.

DJs include Chosen Substance, Morphous and Overcast Radio. The party is free and starts at 8:00 PM ET at Supreme Trading located at 213 North 8th Street (between Roebling and Driggs) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (L Train to Bedford)

DCO brings classic tracks along with new, never heard before riddims to this party. They also lace the room with extra subwoofers for added low-end fidelity and trippy lighting for a complete experience.

In addition to the new party, DCO member: Morphous is releasing the EP, “Rama Chant (featuring Juakali)” on Apparatus Recordings, October 20th. Tracks will be available in all major online music stores.

For more information, please check out:

Or contact:
Andrew Eisele

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