Planet of the Apes: Rule The Planet (2001)

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Here’s an old one from 2001 (you can tell because it’s on VHS).

Some of you know, Planet of the Apes is one of my favorite films of all time for every reason you can imagine. Back when Tim Burton’s re-imagination hit theaters, FOX ran a special about it.

A year earlier in 2000 while working at Videohelper, they requested I write some atonal music in the style of the original Jerry Goldsmith score for an upcoming specialty album (Freakshow VH018). I was definitely the guy to do it.

The FOX special is called Rule The Planet and there’s a segment giving the history of the original 1968 version using my track “Man Has No Understanding”. You can hear it all: delayed pizzicatos, cymbal scrapes, alto flutes and all. The fact they deemed it sonically legit is enough of a compliment for me. I’m honored to be even remotely connected.

PBS Digital Studios’ Under H2O: When a Volcano Erupts Underwater

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Here’s a series from PBS Digital Studios called Under H2O. The episode is “When a Volcano Erupts Underwater”. You can check out their work here.

My two cues are from the Darkfly (Firstcom/Universal) label, “Painkiller Sonics” and “Unknown”. It’s some pretty sick footage.


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Here’s a quick sound-music-design cue of mine (c/o VideoHelper’s MODULES series) appearing in HBO’s documentary series Vice. It’s in the “European Meltdown” segment of S1E4, “Love And Rockets”. The piece is called “Wirecutter” and can be heard in full here.

Marcus Robinson’s Rebuilding The World Trade Center

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So happy to have been involved with the scoring of this beautiful film.

This film, Rebuilding The World Trade Center by Marcus Robinson, was broadcast in the UK on Channel 4 back in September of 2013. The time-lapse sequences, interviews, and paintings are all just stunning. I’ve edited together the scenes that feature my music.

The publisher on these is Universal (Firstcom’s Darkfly and Evil Designs (fka Plosive), the latter is represented currently by Immediate Music/Killer Tracks.

The tracks are: “Memorylock” (Immediate/Killer), “Robo War”, “Dementia”, “Living Backwards”, “Panic”, and “Soul Deprogrammer” (all c/o Firstcom’s Darkfly).

Note: I also made a film of “Memorylock”, you can see that here. I left it hi-res (ish) = 137 MB. Thanks!

CA70 on SNL

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I got a placement recently on Saturday Night Live (Episode 751, Lady Gaga is host/musical guest).

It originally aired on 11/16/13 and is c/o Darkfly (Firstcom/Universal). The track is “Everyone Is A DJ” from DF18. Enjoy!

The irony of this is: four months earlier I (also) had a placement on Keeping Up With The Kardashians from the same Darkfly album (DF18). It’s life imitating art imitating life. But is it life at all?


CA70 on FOX’s American Idol

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Aired on 3/12/14, FOX’s American Idol paid homage to Ocean’s 11 (with a few nods to Guy Ritchie) by depicting the 11 finalists in a trailer-esque opening segment called “Idol’s Eleven”. The episode: Songs of the Cinema.

My recent track for Darkfly/Firstcom/Universal, “Catsuit Casino” (DF20) was the featured music. This, to me, is awesome. Thanks Tim Bickford (Firstcom L.A.), my favorite music supervisor EVER.

Cruise Ship Diaries: Magic and Mayhem

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Never saw this type of edit before. The show is Cruise Ship Diaries on National Geographic Channel. The segment explains “Sexy Night” (great name) in the ship’s nightclub. My track is “Shock Floor” c/o VideoHelper but they are futzing it to sound like source. Are we to think the DJ was actually playing this in the club? On Sexy Night? You decide.

(My guess is: nope. Whatever was really playing was too expensive.)

Braxton Family Values S3

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OK, so here’s TWO clips from Braxton Family Values (S3) which airs on WE tv.

You guessed right. They both feature music of mine. Playing out here are “Planet Miniskirt” and “Dirty Girl Time” c/o Darkfly (Firstcom/Universal). All produced in 2010. ”Dirty Girl Time” (née “Dirty Girl”) was another “long story” track like this one.

Notes: I fucking LOVE “Miniskirt”. That picked bass tone is 24-carats of funk. “Dirty” did not have that organ doodad originally. It was much dirtier.


Ultimate Rush: Progression of Freestyle

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Here’s a clip from the show Ultimate Rush, the documentary TV series produced by the Red Bull Media House and written by Pulitzer Prize nominee/Hollywood screenwriter Stephen Schiff. The series originally aired on Austrian-based (re: Red Bull) Servus TV in 2011.

The featured track is “Look Back” (Darkfly 15) which I produced in summer 2010 while a resident at 3rd Ward.

There is a long story surrounding this track. If anyone ever wants to hear it, call me. It’s a doozy. It’s PMA Babylon.

Le Sexe Autour Du Monde: L’Argentine

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Here’s a bit of CA70 lore. I originally pitched this track to VideoHelper in 2009 but it went to Darkfly (Firstcom/Universal). It was called ”Warehouse Catfight” but re-titled as “Cougar Den”. Either way, there’s a feline theme.

Here it is on Le Sexe Autour Du Monde (Sex Around The World) which airs on TV5 in Québec. It’s also been used in High School Confidential, The Nate Berkus Show, and often runs on Access Hollywood.

Q: What will this track be used for?
A: Dildo shopping. Basement makeovers.

An Orgy of Hardcore Pawn

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I’ve been getting lots of placements in Hardcore Pawn on truTV. Here’s a bunch of clips.

The music is all c/o VideoHelper and the tracks play out as: “Mr. Goldie (again), “Kalamela Pa”, “Bootycup”, “My Main Man”, “Jamaican Gundown”, “Trashique”, “Ghost Pulse”, “Cell Wall”.

Note: Listen around :26-:28 in “Kalamela Pa”; all those jungle noises are me cawing, unscrewing plugs, whistling, playing a conch. Hear the whole track here. That is also Robert Charde on the saw. It’s a cool little melody with a bridge and everything.

An Inside Look at AMC’s Mad Men aka The Return of Mr. Goldie

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My track “Mr. Goldie” (c/o Videohelper) is a classic hip-hop/funk CA70 joint. Here it is being used by AMC for a behind-the-scenes look at Mad Men.

It was also used as the theme for A&E’s Breakfast With The Arts and the Biography episode of Hunter S. Thompson.

Production notes: That is a reel-to-reel tape getting played with not a turntable. And I’m pretty sure that stereo-delayed upbeat scrape is a dustpan. I just don’t know why it’s a dustpan. Listen to the whole thing here.

Dangerous Persuasions

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Here’s a clip from Investigation Discovery’s Dangerous Persuasions using CA70 music/sound design. The track is “Deathbox” from Evil Designs (fka Plosive) c/o Immediate Music. It’s the underscore during the segment, not the actual theme.

That project is now available via Killer Tracks.

This episode re-enacts the kidnapping of Colleen Stan = pretty disturbing story. You’re welcome!


Jones + Mondo + Barta + Giordano + Boardwalk = Infinity

HBO — admin @ 5:15 pm

Here’s a cool unexpected connection to my work in MONDO VAUDE.

Vince Giordano (musician, arranger, and leader of The Nighthawks Orchestra) appears regularly on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. He’s also a collaborator with my co-music director/producer for Mondo Vaude, Bob Barta. These spots for Boardwalk (however) feature NOT my work as a jazz composer/vaudeville producer, but as a modern electro-acoustic sound designer. Always expect the unexpected.

The tracks are all c/o VideoHelper and play out as: “Sixth Realm” , “Scared Scars” and “Fourthworld“. Click links to hear original tracks.


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Here’s the trailer for the film “Resolution” which uses CA70 music/sound in the third act. The track is called “Panic” and is via Firstcom/Universal’s DARKFLY series. In at 1:15.

Check out the buzz surrounding this film! Looks pretty sick.

Production notes: Max for Live + metal sounds + super MIDI mapping.

Coke Zero Presents: The Big Dance in The Big Easy

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I recently placed music in the show CBS Sports Spectacular. The episode, Coke Zero Presents: The Big Dance in The Big Easy. I believe it aired 3/31/12.

All 5 tracks are via Banshee/APM and were produced within 2009-11. They play out as follows:

Kings For A Day
“Sudden Death”
“Heart Of The Action (BKG)”

Notes/thoughts: I’m very into the string writing on “Heart” (4:36). That whole project was fun because I had to arrange for string quartet + brass trio. I usually don’t get a chance (in production music) to work with budgets for live players, especially a chamber ensemble like that. Pencil and paper makes me happier and happier nowadays.




Cuba: Forbidden Fortune

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Hello and welcome to CA70′s 101st post!

I’ve been super busy lately re: not able to keep up with backlog. In the spirit of breaking the silence, here’s a spot. It’s the theme for CNBC’s Cuba: Forbidden Fortune and they use my track “Barrio Superstar” via VideoHelper. It originally aired on 3/26/12.

I’m flattered they chose this track because the piece is describing Cuba’s transformation from (the stereotype of) oppressed, Cold War communists to an open, 21st century nation. Whether or not that transformation is good remains to be seen. Also, the word “afro-cuban” is stuffed into the track description. Either way, my own motivation was: make an ultra-modern Latin (sounding) track. This was 2004.

Composition note: I (was trying to achieve this by) super-imposing the orchestration idiom of unison left-hand piano/upright bass (appropriated into a basic montuno rhythm) with sparse sine-gliss doubling and a jungle beat. I also played live drums for a layer.

This album came out on my first wedding anniversary.

There’s No Such Thing as News Music

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I troll the internet for video spots using CA70 all the time.

I’ve gone through literally thousands of links over the year and ended up with a folder of about 100 promos, mostly news. One of my clients (VideoHelper) has a massive foothold on the promo market and here’s a sizzle reel of 10 spots. They (as a rule) vary wildly in what an on-air producer (or any average Joe) would consider “news music”.

Writing good music is first and foremost. Writing for a specific scenario (setting out to produce “news music”) risks sounding like a cliché and almost always does. Even writing on assignment, my “news music” is (at best) impressionistic.

These are all types, from every major network, and different markets. Want more proof it’s a cliché? Stop the next person you see and ask them what “news music” is. Want your track to be in a news promo? Stuff the title with newsy words.

Note: At 2:00, the track is “Waukeesha Dub”, my remix of Chris Hanson’s track “Wizard of Waukeesha”.

Fight Camp 360: Pacquiao Vs. Mosley

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Fight Camp 360 is produced by Showtime/CBS Sports.

Check out some scenes from the (2011) Pacquiao vs. Mosley installment.

Here’s an edit of some select scenes. All the music is CA70 and published by VideoHelper.

“Mod Life”
“Ghost Pulse”
“Brooklyn Mambo”
“Rocka Standoff”
“Whiplash Canyon”
“Vengeance Delivered”

2:27-3:00 uses an unknown drone. Cutting it made the edit look bad!

One of these tracks is in this playlist.


Advertising — Tags: — admin @ 8:14 pm

Here’s a CA70 track appearing in a McDonald’s commercial.

There is other production on top (I don’t know which house/who), namely the ascending brass from :10-:17 and the McTag. Other than that, the track is called “British Guy” and comes c/o VideoHelper. Here’s another place it’s turned up. That’s me playing fretted electric bass (Fender Jazz) with a pick. Produced ca. 2008-09 while a resident at 3rd Ward.

I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s for over 13 years and I’ll just leave it at that. See if you can recognize the same orchestra hits from (the same sound library as used in) The Streets “Same Old Thing”.

Dubstep DJs: Notice the guitar skanks? Same session as “Midnight Sun“, released 3 years ago this week. Go buy a copy to celebrate!

Dexter: Season 6 Premiere

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Here’s a track of mine appearing in the premiere/recap of Showtime’s Dexter (Season 6, Episode 1, “Those Kinds of Things”). Aired October 2011.

The track is called “Dead in the Street” and is via VideoHelper. Never watched the show. But after scouring the web for this episode, I watched some. Pretty twisted premise!

Glad to see that solo piano at the end worked out! Can’t go wrong with that.

A Design Film Festival 2011 Opener

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Great film by Sebastian Lange for A Design Film Festival 2011.

The whole intro is scored using VideoHelper’s MODULES series, in which, I have 73 titles and was producer on Vol. 1-3. There’s a lot going on sound-wise re: too many tracks to list. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. Excellent film!

ENCOUNTERS by Sébastien Spitz

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Encounters is a short film (or long commercial, you decide) written and directed by Sébastien Spitz for Rémy Martin and Louis XIII Le Jeroboam. This is a serious luxury cognac with only 100 bottles produced. Pricetag: €16,000 / $22,800.

Read all about it herehere, and here.

The opening track is CA70, “Birth Of A Notion” from POLITIK c/o VideoHelper’s ScoreHelper Series. It’s used throughout.

Notes: Some of the best distortion I’ve used (and is all over POLITIK) is heard here, an Ensoniq DP/4+ with a dead battery. This track was also used for Making The Sopranos: Season 6.

Rankin Films / Abaco

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These are some films from British photographer/filmmaker Rankin via his HUNGER TV site and his Jitrois Fall/Winter 2011 campaign/collab.

My client (in this case ) is Abaco Music Library and you can explore this release here. I produced these all while a resident at 3rd Ward.

Jitrois #3, 4, 7, 9, 11 = “Ghost Power” and “Warehouse Skirmish”
Take Me to Outer Space = “Supernatural”.
Scented Senses = “Static Jump”.

Loving these! Thanks Rankin and Abaco!

The Woman Who Dreamed of a Man

Trailer — Tags: — admin @ 10:00 pm

I was happy to find this. Here’s an Act 3 drop of my VideoHelper track “Revenge in D Minor”. I produced this track in 2004 and you can read a blab about it here. It is the Danish film, The Woman Who Dreamed of a Man released in 2010 and directed by Per Fly. Thanks to Upright Music!

Bored to Death

HBO — Tags: , — admin @ 5:48 pm

For the show Bored to Death, HBO produces a segment called “Inside the Mind of Jonathan Ames”. One of the themes is my track “Bedford Shuffle” c/o Videohelper.

Production notes: I’m pretty sure that piano sound went like this:

1. Find old upright at 3rd Ward.
2. Hire disgruntled tuner.
3. Record chromatic one-shots in photo Studio C.
4. Edit, map, and sequence chords.
5. Lay off to ca. 1960′s 1/4″ tape via 1977 TEAC 2300S.
6. Un-spool tape and crumple up by hand.
7. Re-spool on to TEAC.
8. Re-record while creating wow and flutter by stopping/hitting reels.


CA70 on The Daily Show

Comedy Central — Tags: — admin @ 6:19 pm

Funny spot during the 2008 election year on The Daily Show. The bit uses my track “Skirmish Rock” c/o Videohelper © 2002.

Note: That’s me playing just guitars, bass, and drums. No programming, design, or concepts. Wow, those sorta were the days.

I also remember Frank Heiss coming into the live room during tracking with his RAWK face on. Good times.

American Horror Story Campaign

FX — Tags: — admin @ 5:22 pm

I’ve been involved in the marketing campaign for FX’s American Horror Story, the new series from Glee and Nip/Tuck creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

The client is Banshee Music, a proprietary music house for GMR Marketing who handles FX; I created custom sound design and licensed the track “Abduction” (Banshee) and “Death Support” (c/o Videohelper). You can hear those tracks on the website and these promos below.

Production note: I used recordings of my daughter Katrina (then 3 years old) as source material for the sound design. If you think you are hearing “creepy little girl voices” this might have something to do with it. If not, listen for “creepy little girl voices”.

She’s not at all creepy nor were recordings; I just made them sound that way.

Thanks Katrina and GMR / Banshee / FX!

Hung (S3)

HBO — Tags: , — admin @ 12:04 pm

Here’s a new campaign for the HBO Original Series Hung. It’s using my track “Black Denim” via Videohelper from 2008; it’s a pretty cool music-heavy spot.

I usually don’t produce rock music but everyone loves a shuffle these days. Every now and then I do turn on an amp.

See also the track “Delinquent” here and here.

Boardwalk Empire, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Avatar Promos

HBO — Tags: , , — admin @ 3:28 pm

3 random episodic campaigns from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Avatar all using CA70 music and sound design.

Boardwalk Empire: “Lincoln Tunnel”
Curb Your Enthusiasm: It’s Not  A Reunion Show But It’s The Closest You’ll Get: “Holy Roller”
: “Surging Magic”

All tracks © Videohelper.

Torchwood: Miracle Day

Starz — Tags: — admin @ 6:21 pm

STARZ is premiering the new Torchwood series in July of 2011. Here is a promo using CA70 music/design c/o Banshee Music. The track is “Arrival” and comes from their Soundstories line which I produced from 2009-2011. Banshee libraries (Livesource and Soundstories) are currently being represented by APM.

Blurry orchestral smears = one of my things.

True Blood: Digging Up Season 3

HBO — Tags: , — admin @ 4:45 pm

Here’s an edit of HBO’s True Blood: Digging Up Season 3. It uses CA70 tracks as background cues and they are all © 2000-2004 by Videohelper. They play out as:

“The Unearthly”
“Enter The Shaman”
“Five Ways to Die”

“The Unearthly” contains samples/noise of reel-to-reel tape I buried in a graveyard in Sleepy Hollow during Halloween week of 2003. Method that!

Breaking Bad

AMC — Tags: , — admin @ 5:56 pm

Here’s a great spot for AMC’s Breaking Bad featuring myself and my colleague/co-producer/friend, Flavio Lemelle. Three CA70 tracks/pieces are appearing via Videohelper: “Voidshock”, “Specters”, and “The Destroyer Cometh”.

Note: “Destroyer” also was licensed for the HBO film Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq and you can see another BB episodic in my old video reel. The irony of that post is I’m ditching highlight reels in favor of à la carte categories. The need for aspect/format conformity sticks in my editor craw and spot-trolling is a WYSIWYG affair. And so it goes.


CBS — Tags: — admin @ 12:03 pm

Here’s an episodic (via Viewpoint Creative) for the CBS show NUMB3RS.

Two CA70 appearances (opening sound design and pay-off drums) in here c/o Videohelper: “Stalagmite Prison” and “Wolfpack”. Production note: The source material for opening design = rocks in a clay bonsai pot. Hey, whatever’s lying around.

HBO Films: My Zinc Bed

HBO,Trailer — Tags: , — admin @ 5:07 pm

This is the trailer (via Viewpoint Creative) for the HBO Films/BBC production of My Zinc Bed (2008). It features 4 tracks of mine produced at Videohelper from 2000-2004 starting at :26. They are:

“The Destroyer Cometh”
“Tokyo Static”

Production note: The Chapman Stick at :40 in “Foreboding”.

The Smoking Gun’s World’s Dumbest Series

truTV — Tags: — admin @ 11:57 am

truTV / The Smoking Gun presents World Dumbest series is using my Videohelper track “Junkbox” as its theme/rejoins. Note: The track contains a sample (horn hit) from one of my Berklee Directed Study projects which (ironically) was also a TV theme. So full-circle that. Don’t blink when you watch it.

More from Alex Luster aka PR!MO

Film — Tags: , , — admin @ 4:08 pm

Thanks again to Alex Luster aka PR!MO aka ShootEditSleep. I’m so happy a filmmaker who focuses on wheatpaste/graffiti/collage/art is feeling my music; I’d be a fan regardless. All the films are featured on Thanks Alex!

The tracks are: “Connections”, “Snice”, and “Lollipop Rewind” all c/o Videohelper.

2005 Black Movie Awards, TBS Comedy Festival, My Boys Spots

Here’s some random cable TV spots. One of them goes back to 2005. They are from Wolff Brothers Post in Atlanta. The tracks run like this and are all c/o Videohelper.

2005 Black Movie Awards: “My Main Main” (see No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency)
TBS Comedy: “Shockfloor”
TBS Behind the Scenes: My Boys S2: “Rock the Funk”
Planet Green’s Wasted: “Soul Snap”

I have nothing interesting to add except a production note re: RTF. That’s a demo of the Prosoniq Orange Vocoder. It times out every 5 minutes so getting all the parts was both frustrating and economical = no endless tinkering. I wish all states of noise-making had this ability to end option paralysis and push you away from the well. I swear I’m going to buy it. It’s awesome!

*These are not exactly spots I’m bragging about but I wanted to include some other network usage.

20/20 and Mind Games

ABC — Tags: , — admin @ 10:21 am

Here are two 2010 spots for ABC news that show typical CA70 usage. The tracks are “Waiting Game” (20/20) and “Genetic Blackmail” (Mind Games) c/o Videohelper. Sometimes they are tough to pick out as evidenced by the 20/20 spot; the producers do lots of cutting and sweetening.

Vimeo Weekend Project Winner

Film — Tags: , — admin @ 10:15 pm

I just found this. Vimeo had a Weekend Project contest last year where filmmakers/videographers/editors had to create a piece with multiple frames. The winner was Travis Tindell ( and he used my track “Trashique” c/o Videohelper. The video was featured as part of Vimeo’s staff picks. You can also read about it here. This is a great example of how sometimes the best work is non-broadcast.

Thanks Travis and Vimeo!

Biography: Hunter S. Thompson

A&E — Tags: , , — admin @ 2:29 pm

Here’s one from 2006. I have music in 3 episodes of A&E’s Biography; this one is (in addition to being the only one I can find online/without renting) a profile on the brilliant/bad influence Hunter S. Thompson. The other two (Ian Fleming and Mikhail Baryshnikov) I will have to rent and post at a later date. It is safe to say this one is my favorite.

The tracks are all c/o Videohelper Music Library and I’ve cut together all significant drops. They play out as: “Gonzalez Street”, “Mr. Goldie”, “People Are Basically Good”, “Delinquent”, “Psych City ’67″, and “Bubaloo”.

Minute to Win It

NBC — Tags: , — admin @ 12:22 pm

This from NBC’s Minute to Win It as aired 1/05/11. The track is “Hidden Temple” c/o Videohelper. Although I have other music in the show it seems like they consistently use this track during the nail-biter sequences. Production notes: The big rimshot on 4 and smeared choral effects. Thanks NBC!

Kid Week Junior Commercial

Advertising — Tags: — admin @ 12:38 pm

Here’s a commercial for Kids Week Junior Magazine from the Netherlands using CA70 Music. The track is “Bubaloo” via Videohelper (ASCAP).

Production note: I made perc loops out of bubblegum pops = an (maybe not-so) obvious musical pun on bubblegum rock. You can almost hear them if you focus on the 1/8 notes (esp 2+). They didn’t use an all-gum breakdown where the rhythm gets a bit more adventurous. Because I ended up using what I’d consider crap gum at the core re: better for recording with its high frequencies I cannot say the brand name here. But it’s named after a military weapon and comes with a little comic.

The L Word: S3 Recap

Showtime — Tags: , — admin @ 3:40 pm

This from Showtime’s The L Word Season 3 recap played within Episode 401 “Legend in the Making” in 2007. The two CA70 tracks are via Videohelper (ASCAP) called “Fever Pitch” and “Lovesick Girl”.

7 Days in September

Film — Tags: , , — admin @ 3:55 pm

This is one of the most bittersweet/confusing moments I’ve ever had as a composer for film and TV. 7 Days in September is a documentary released in 2002 from the filmmaking collective Camera Planet. It chronicles the events of September 11th 2001 (and the following week) via video footage collected from 27 different directors, videographers, and amateurs. It is a powerful, harsh, street-level immersion into that day make no mistake. See the New York Times review here. The tracks used are all c/o Videohelper (ASCAP) and play out as:

Clip 1: “Subterra” and “Arctic Desert”. Clip 2: “Badlands” and Clip 3: “Somnolent Drops”.

Work like this does make me want to pursue more documentary placements re: compose more for that end user in mind; the emotional power of the images + music is unparalleled by any fictional works.

Carlos, Eco Heroes, Full Frontal Fashion, Go Green

Here’s a slew of spots for The Sundance Channel featuring CA70 Music. I get a fair amount of usage in their “Go Green” campaign including Eco Heroes with Majora Carter (this episode featuring director Jonathan Demme). Also included is a montage of clips from Full Frontal Fashion’s Catwalk Countdown and a trailer for the original mini-series Carlos. Note: See NBC’s use of the same Eco Heroes track in their “Green Is More Colorful” campaign here. All tracks are via Videohelper (ASCAP) © 2000-2009 and are played out as follows:

FFF’s Catwalk Countdown: “Bedford Shuffle”, “British Guy”, “Conclusion” and “Pageantry”.

Carlos: “Underground Movement”.

Eco Heroes: “Morning Signs”.

The Green (Robert Redford): “Image is Everything”.

The Green: “RPM Quartet”.

IFC Web Series

Here’s a string of CA70 uses/licenses within several IFC (Independent Film Channel) Web Series programs including: Twisted Night, Get Hit, IFC Lunchbox, Pushing Twilight, and The Mary Van Note Show. They are all © 1999-2006 via Videohelper Music Library (ASCAP). The tracks are:

Twisted Night: “City Beneath”
Get Hit: “Warzone”, “Disturbance” (w/ Flavio Lemelle) and “When The Stars Disappear”
IFC Lunchbox: “Hidden Temple” and “Space Bass”
Pushing Twilight: “Ghost Pulse”, “Dead Radio”, “Mechaphobia”, “Container Search”
The Mary Van Note Show: “Whiplash Canyon”

Ocean’s Eleven Casino

Advertising — Tags: — admin @ 12:01 pm

Another spot via Streamlight Video (San Diego) for Ocean’s Eleven, “San Diego’s friendliest non-smoking casino!”

This looks like the type of spot that runs 24/7/365 in your hotel room. The track is “Loaded Dice, Loaded Gun” via Videohelper (ASCAP) © 2004. The edit is light and informative but I’ve always pictured something ultra-violent/anti-heroic: A showgirl’s vendetta against all men who wronged her. Plumes, knee-boots, .44 Magnum, runny mascara and all. Production love: the bass guitar tone and the (sorta) chaotic non-tonality of it all.

Opening Day @ Del Mar Races 2009: 944 Magazine Afterparty

Advertising — Tags: — admin @ 9:56 pm

This via Streamlight Video. Coverage of the 944 (San Diego) Afterparty with Audrina Patridge. The track is “Congratulations, You’re Dead” c/o Videohelper (ASCAP) © 2002. That’s a 7-year-old track = CA70 tenet = keep it timeless. Highlights: bass guitar @ :36 and those ridiculous rimshot snares.

Law and Order: SVU

NBC — Tags: — admin @ 11:05 am

This week promoting L&O: SVU via Videohelper (ASCAP) © 2004 titled “Revenge In D Minor”.

I did a prepared piano session for this track on a Kawai upright including a delayed one-shot of the highest key + hits of hammers/mallets to the soundboard. This track has DNA from Giorgio Moroder’s Scarface (harmony), John Cage, and Portishead. Nothing wrong with that. Having a good run at NBC (!) and gwan Mystery Producer.

Note: This week’s The Office also had a blip of stereotypical Italian/Mafia music; it’s called “Gangster Vs. Gangsta” but was just too short to warrant any attention. Stay tuned for a different post depicting an entirely different license/usage!

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