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Here’s a pretty intense news promo I found using “Shellshock” (c/o Videohelper) from WXMI Fox 17 (Grand Rapids, Michigan).

The polyrhythmic cymbals are slightly lost but I’m glad they responded to their “intended unsettling effect of quiet intensity”. I usually don’t archive local news spots but this one has a moment or two of cinematic drama ipso facto it’s FOX.

Born In The Wrong Body

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This is an MSNBC documentary on transgender youth using a track of mine as its theme. The track is “Crux Of The Matter” via Videohelper (ASCAP) and is popular with the news broadcasts. Pretty neat instrumentation: Chapman Stick + fretless + granular bongos + nylon hack + glitchy cuatro + contact microphones + brushy frame drum.

Music From The Sopranos’ Cleaver

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Here’s the clip from The Sopranos (Ep. 614 “Stage 5″) where we see Christopher Moltisanti’s film Cleaver. The “score” is a track of mine called “The Unholy” via Videohelper (ASCAP) and originally aired on April 15 2007.

Law and Order: Los Angeles

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A new spot for Law & Order: Los Angeles. I found this embedded in NBC (The Office) On Demand. The track is “The City Beneath” via Videohelper (ASCAP). Thanks to whatever producer at NBC is feeling my tracks! See my videoreel for a similar edit/use for the show Trauma.

3 Films From Alex Luster aka PR!MO

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Alex Luster aka PR!MO is a documentary filmmaker and Emmy award winning television producer/editor. You can also see his Lone Star Emmy nominated spot “Your Time” for KRIV Fox 26 in my videoreel. First up is a profile on Mexican street artist Cutthroat for, the second Seattle’s Theo Chocolate for Earthnicity, and ice sculptor Reverend Butter. All tracks are CA70 via Videohelper (ASCAP). Thanks PR!MO!

Track titles are “The Pickup”, “Barrelhouse Breakdown”, and “Bloodsport”.

Diversidad Spot

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Clean and upfront yet flattish spot for HBO Latino featuring “The Bullitt Connection” from Videohelper (ASCAP) © 2001. The track is (just about) 10 years old and sounds it but you live + you learn (hopefully).

That’s an Access Virus B HARDWARE synth and probably the best part of the production; they sound so good and I miss it so. This track = 80′s teenage photos of my producer-dom. Seemed cool at the time to wear plaid blazers + peroxide my hair + wear Army medals.

NBC/Walmart Spot

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This spot ran during The Celebrity Apprentice S9 around Earth Day of 2010. The track is “Morning Signs” (via Videohelper) and is popular with the networks. I’m slightly uncomfortable/sad licensing for Walmart (and such a greenwashing campaign to boot); I guess that’s showbiz. You have to stop caring about it (“it” = the powerlessness the non-publisher has in terms of mega-corporations, political parties, and religious groups using music, maybe even mine, for their message) sooner or later. OK America. You win.

Cool WFAA Spot

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Great design in this WFAA (Dallas/Ft. Worth ABC affiliate) weather spot. The track is “Zawonga” c/o Videohelper. That rude guitar tone is a Goya Rangemaster through a Spectra in two- and three-part harmony. Really fun sounding track.

Entourage (S3)

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More old website liquidation. This is a famous track from Videohelper titled “Delinquent” used for many things including recap and promo music for Season 3 of HBO’s Entourage. A fun track to produce because it’s just one take of rock. No edits or tricks.

Making The Sopranos S6

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Another piece from the archives. This is the open for HBO’s Making The Sopranos Season 6. The track is “Birth of a Notion” from POLITIK courtesy of Videohelper Production Music Library (ASCAP).

The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

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I composed and produced the music used for HBO’s #1LDA (S1) during recaps and promos. The track is “My Main Man” from Videohelper Production Music Library (ASCAP).

Firstcom’s Darkfly Demo

In 2009, I produced a volume of music for Firstcom’s Darkfly library. This is an edit of their video demo that ran at NAB this year and featured CA70 tracks. All music is © ZFC Publishing/Universal Music Corporation.

Videoreel 2010

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Working on a new, simpler, single-page CA70 experience. Getting rid of à la carte video links (annoying) in lieu of one updated and evolving videoreel. All music and sound design CA70 (Chris Jones) and I’m pretty sure the movie studios, networks, and production companies involved reserve ALL their rights too. Thanks!

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Click for filmmaker Sarah Weckert’s reel. Music: Honky Paradise (Overcast Radio).

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