Marcus Robinson’s Rebuilding The World Trade Center

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So happy to have been involved with the scoring of this beautiful film.

This film, Rebuilding The World Trade Center by Marcus Robinson, was broadcast in the UK on Channel 4 back in September of 2013. The time-lapse sequences, interviews, and paintings are all just stunning. I’ve edited together the scenes that feature my music.

The publisher on these is Universal (Firstcom’s Darkfly and Evil Designs (fka Plosive), the latter is represented currently by Immediate Music/Killer Tracks.

The tracks are: “Memorylock” (Immediate/Killer), “Robo War”, “Dementia”, “Living Backwards”, “Panic”, and “Soul Deprogrammer” (all c/o Firstcom’s Darkfly).

Note: I also made a film of “Memorylock”, you can see that here. I left it hi-res (ish) = 137 MB. Thanks!

ENCOUNTERS by Sébastien Spitz

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Encounters is a short film (or long commercial, you decide) written and directed by Sébastien Spitz for Rémy Martin and Louis XIII Le Jeroboam. This is a serious luxury cognac with only 100 bottles produced. Pricetag: €16,000 / $22,800.

Read all about it herehere, and here.

The opening track is CA70, “Birth Of A Notion” from POLITIK c/o VideoHelper’s ScoreHelper Series. It’s used throughout.

Notes: Some of the best distortion I’ve used (and is all over POLITIK) is heard here, an Ensoniq DP/4+ with a dead battery. This track was also used for Making The Sopranos: Season 6.

Rankin Films / Abaco

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These are some films from British photographer/filmmaker Rankin via his HUNGER TV site and his Jitrois Fall/Winter 2011 campaign/collab.

My client (in this case ) is Abaco Music Library and you can explore this release here. I produced these all while a resident at 3rd Ward.

Jitrois #3, 4, 7, 9, 11 = “Ghost Power” and “Warehouse Skirmish”
Take Me to Outer Space = “Supernatural”.
Scented Senses = “Static Jump”.

Loving these! Thanks Rankin and Abaco!

More from Alex Luster aka PR!MO

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Thanks again to Alex Luster aka PR!MO aka ShootEditSleep. I’m so happy a filmmaker who focuses on wheatpaste/graffiti/collage/art is feeling my music; I’d be a fan regardless. All the films are featured on Thanks Alex!

The tracks are: “Connections”, “Snice”, and “Lollipop Rewind” all c/o Videohelper.

Vimeo Weekend Project Winner

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I just found this. Vimeo had a Weekend Project contest last year where filmmakers/videographers/editors had to create a piece with multiple frames. The winner was Travis Tindell ( and he used my track “Trashique” c/o Videohelper. The video was featured as part of Vimeo’s staff picks. You can also read about it here. This is a great example of how sometimes the best work is non-broadcast.

Thanks Travis and Vimeo!

7 Days in September

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This is one of the most bittersweet/confusing moments I’ve ever had as a composer for film and TV. 7 Days in September is a documentary released in 2002 from the filmmaking collective Camera Planet. It chronicles the events of September 11th 2001 (and the following week) via video footage collected from 27 different directors, videographers, and amateurs. It is a powerful, harsh, street-level immersion into that day make no mistake. See the New York Times review here. The tracks used are all c/o Videohelper (ASCAP) and play out as:

Clip 1: “Subterra” and “Arctic Desert”. Clip 2: “Badlands” and Clip 3: “Somnolent Drops”.

Work like this does make me want to pursue more documentary placements re: compose more for that end user in mind; the emotional power of the images + music is unparalleled by any fictional works.

3 Films From Alex Luster aka PR!MO

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Alex Luster aka PR!MO is a documentary filmmaker and Emmy award winning television producer/editor. You can also see his Lone Star Emmy nominated spot “Your Time” for KRIV Fox 26 in my videoreel. First up is a profile on Mexican street artist Cutthroat for, the second Seattle’s Theo Chocolate for Earthnicity, and ice sculptor Reverend Butter. All tracks are CA70 via Videohelper (ASCAP). Thanks PR!MO!

Track titles are “The Pickup”, “Barrelhouse Breakdown”, and “Bloodsport”.

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Click for filmmaker Sarah Weckert’s reel. Music: Honky Paradise (Overcast Radio).

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