An Orgy of Hardcore Pawn

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I’ve been getting lots of placements in Hardcore Pawn on truTV. Here’s a bunch of clips.

The music is all c/o VideoHelper and the tracks play out as: “Mr. Goldie (again), “Kalamela Pa”, “Bootycup”, “My Main Man”, “Jamaican Gundown”, “Trashique”, “Ghost Pulse”, “Cell Wall”.

Note: Listen around :26-:28 in “Kalamela Pa”; all those jungle noises are me cawing, unscrewing plugs, whistling, playing a conch. Hear the whole track here. That is also Robert Charde on the saw. It’s a cool little melody with a bridge and everything.

The Smoking Gun’s World’s Dumbest Series

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truTV / The Smoking Gun presents World Dumbest series is using my Videohelper track “Junkbox” as its theme/rejoins. Note: The track contains a sample (horn hit) from one of my Berklee Directed Study projects which (ironically) was also a TV theme. So full-circle that. Don’t blink when you watch it.

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