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Here’s the trailer for the film “Resolution” which uses CA70 music/sound in the third act. The track is called “Panic” and is via Firstcom/Universal’s DARKFLY series. In at 1:15.

Check out the buzz surrounding this film! Looks pretty sick.

Production notes: Max for Live + metal sounds + super MIDI mapping.

A Design Film Festival 2011 Opener

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Great film by Sebastian Lange for A Design Film Festival 2011.

The whole intro is scored using VideoHelper’s MODULES series, in which, I have 73 titles and was producer on Vol. 1-3. There’s a lot going on sound-wise re: too many tracks to list. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. Excellent film!

The Woman Who Dreamed of a Man

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I was happy to find this. Here’s an Act 3 drop of my VideoHelper track “Revenge in D Minor”. I produced this track in 2004 and you can read a blab about it here. It is the Danish film, The Woman Who Dreamed of a Man released in 2010 and directed by Per Fly. Thanks to Upright Music!

HBO Films: My Zinc Bed

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This is the trailer (via Viewpoint Creative) for the HBO Films/BBC production of My Zinc Bed (2008). It features 4 tracks of mine produced at Videohelper from 2000-2004 starting at :26. They are:

“The Destroyer Cometh”
“Tokyo Static”

Production note: The Chapman Stick at :40 in “Foreboding”.

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