Experiment #1 “Winter”

Artist/Musician,Video Art — admin @ 4:18 pm

This is another experiment in visual music using expressions in AE. Mistakes were made but I’m learning. One “mistake” was using very still shots; these are footage not stills. The original intent for these was using them as is. Whatever is lying around, I’m a big recycler.

There are 3 elements: the big(ger) transients, the low glissy drones, the metallic crackles. The transients trigger embossing, the low drones trigger red and blue drift via left and right channels, and the metal triggers the grid-like shutter parameter.

What I’m learning is: this whole format may be better served by creating sounds that will support visual transformations, rather than create stand-alone audio collages (“music”) and assign the “parts” to visual parameters. Not every sound deserves to transform.

This piece fails in the sense of: having a good concept or arc. There is the loose theme of winter shots (again, whatever is lying around) but it goes nowhere. But I can own the fact that good experiments often succeed by failing.

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