BOXING: Everything You Need To Know (And For A Good Cause)

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of my first project Boxing, I will donate ALL proceeds of your $10 CD purchase to Programa Sueños. This is a new charity created to assist and promote education for low-income children in Guatemala spearheaded by my friend Jazmin Carrillo. You can read all about it here.

What is Boxing? Now for the history.

Boxing was recorded in NYC between 1999-2001. Here is the original synopsis from my first website.

is a recording of instrumental music for guitar, bass, and drums. The idea originated in 1998 out of necessity/want for timekeeping while [literally] boxing. It eventually became a piece about format, overstimulation, and polytonality. The recording has nothing to do with sports, but uses boxing [metaphorically] as a parallel [re: vehicle] to transcendence. I wanted to do all that and still rock.”

My present-day edits are in brackets. I’ve become a better writer since then.

The format depicts a 12-round match via 3-minute “rounds” and 1-minute “breaks”. Pieces are titled as they are numbered 1-12. There (also) is an overall arc of activity: the bombast/exposition of Round 1, the open-throttle chaos of Round 6, the utter blackout of the last 11 minutes. One should refer to this graphic: it is the play-list.

The instrumentation is intentionally singular: guitar, bass, and drums. There is quite a bit of processing/design to it and (as much as I tried to stretch it) its monochromaticism is intentional theme-glue. Boxing takes genre cues from (only the many) punk, shoegaze, motorik, minimalist, noise/ambient areas. The iTunes Store files it under Classical and you can get it there as well.

There are some production flaws but you don’t rewrite your diary.

As if this wasn’t ambitious enough, I’ve decided to make a Boxing film. Here is Round/Break 1. You can also see it on my Vimeo and YouTube pages.

Thanks and enjoy!






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