Contribution is to Make Love as Bribe is to Bang

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To me, a bribe is a last resort action of a relatively small entity such as a person or small business to get out of trouble. Usually the action is (hopefully) a discreet offering of cash or service of worth. Most bribes are desperate and insulting in every possible way made by tragic first-timers. But hold on. “Donations” and “contributions” to entities’ phantom organizations or the corporate entity itself are maybe “premeditated” bribes or “insurance” bribes. Even a donation to another charitable organization in the favored parties name/ssn/tax id (and therefore a generous tax break) can be an invisible bribe, whether you like the charity or not. The government is just another corporation that sells legislation favors and the court system. And since capital and political business is so borderline legal as it is, it only takes shrewd lawyers (or just more donations) to protect the guilty and frame the innocent.

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