2010: Getting Nostalgic For The Future

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I wanted to continue the thoughts about generational/decade identity somewhere else besides character limited social network threads.

I don’t know what factor contributes to the challenge in seeing what the present will read like in the future. The 1980′s cultural tag cloud could read: Videogames. Michael Jackson. Reaganomics. The Cold War. Heavy/hair metal. Cocaine. MTV. (And Cold War metal: a sub-genre of metal to be later discussed)

Maybe the 1990′s could read: Computers. Alternative/electronic music. Clinton/Lewinsky. (Because really, what other legacy besides the Telecommunications Act of 1996 will he leave? What? Look it up.) Compact disc ubiquity. MDMA and heroin. What else? Goatees.

What would read in the double-zeros/Y2K? Well, the whole “Y2K” brand for starters and general millenium gimmicks. Boy- and girl-bands. Internet (and all that follows). Tween market consummation. George Bush. Iraq War. “Green” culture (ironically). What else? Rediscovery of black clothes. Baroque pop and disco-rock.

So it follows that the 10′s could read: Obama. Economic crisis. War in Iran. Death of cable TV and retail. Extra-terrestrial disclosure. Full blown streaming video standard in cellphones. Electric cars (with heavy taxes, subscriptions or fees). Steampunk in mainstream. Sexual Revolution # 2 via LGBT outings on a massive mainstream scale. Possible merging of Canada, Mexico, and the US. Climate and/or epidemic fronting for martial law.

Point: My gut is saying 2010-20 could be a sea change. A total paradigm shift via super-state formations or extra-terrestrial disclosure, this last one dispelling (or proving depending on your POV) all mono- and poly-theistic religions. I don’t know. Futurist thought is purely speculative. It’s not required to be correct or even realistic. When it comes to big questions such as these, I’m a gullible skeptic: any answer the political, religious, or social Establishments give the masses are probably merely marinated in some imitation of truth and all mankind has is his story: history that is far from complete, completely biased, re-written by the victors. The same people that blindly embrace, revere, (and kill in the name of) God, trust their “un-biased” history books (including the Bible), and basically go along with the program are the same people who will blindly deny any prehistory, science, and existence of other life in the universe. Try to understand that faith works both ways.

I want to stay on topic. Point: We are entering another decade with another set of (eventual) cultural, political, religious/spiritual, and social attributes to come. And these too will seem quaint one day so be nostalgic for the future; it is guaranteed to be the past one day. To paraphrase Gil Scott-Heron, people say the end is nigh but the truth is much worse: the shit is going to drag on and on and on for eternity. Have a great new decade, keep an open mind, and be ready for anything. Most important? Stay positive and live in the present. This is Heaven not the other way around.

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