Robin Danar’s Altered States

This is a record I worked on with Robin Danar back in 2008. It’s called Altered States and you can read about it here on the Shanachie website. Guest artists included Paul Buchanan, Pete Yorn, Kinky, Minibar, Rachael Yamagata, Jesca Hoop, and Lisa Loeb. There’s also an L.A. Times article here and you can buy the album on iTunes here. Our track is called “Fool” (feat. Andy Levin and Holly Palmer).

The song is written (even though the content of AS is mainly covers) by Andy (lyric/mel) and myself (music/arr). It was a demo from years before that I thought was long dead to be honest; Andy met RD somehow, played him the song, and he loved it. I immediately wrangled stems via a Macintosh PPC 6500 with (lol) Studio Vision. I could not throw out that computer because that glorified jump drive (3GB!) cost a lot in 1997. That’s me singing back-ups as Scatman Ruffin via Fat Albert. Originally recorded in 2002.

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