More Owls + Less Avatars

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It occurred to me that social networking, micro-blogging, etc is a relationship killer. Constantly being made aware of people’s everyday trivia has taken away any desire/impetus for face-to-face contact, conversations, or even direct email. No mystery. While I love getting in touch with old friends, and making new ones, this loss of real contact bothers me. A friend (in real life) shouldn’t be someone with who you maintain your relationship via the comments thread. So I’m off and finished being this way.

If there are any Facebookers, Tweeps, and even MySpace hangers-on that want to get on my regular email list, please email me at chrisjones [at] circa70 [dot] org or just peruse this site and see I’m accessible beyond the scope of social networking and its corporate data harvesting, its ostentatious complaining/fishing for compliments, its near-sycophantic “like” button (of which I use but not in that way) and its annoying bugs. Our singular venue (which is already sad that there is a singular venue for some) for cultivating old and new relationships should not be mono-cultural, virtual, and viewable re: vicarious lurking. I’m just getting out my bud-nippers here. Social networking = great for promo and general contact but IMO sucking the soul out of knowing/hearing/seeing/understanding people. Some people will have Facebook and only Facebook to realize their relationship with and that’s understandable but honestly…why bother then? Online publishing node only with no engagement. Not your whole fucking world. Stop playing online games, and more importantly stop spamming me with play-by-play; I like you and don’t give two shits about games. I horrifyingly visualize getting together with an old friend, travelling to he or she, tucking in to a quiet table + pints and being asked whether or not I saw they found some Mystery Eggs last night.

That being said, I’ve moved out to Mattituck with my family and studio. Our Brooklyn apartment is still ours and I still consider Brooklyn my home but after almost 12 years of grinding? I will miss 3rd Ward but we had a great run and I made some great friends. NYC: I know you don’t sleep but I would actually like to get some shut-eye. These pics (including a solar vineyard) from today’s 44 mile bike ride are evidence of a new chapter or (at the very least) a massive change in scenery. You cannot go for a 44 mile bike ride together online. My first night sleeping out here I heard an owl. A real fucking owl.

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