Bored to Death

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For the show Bored to Death, HBO produces a segment called “Inside the Mind of Jonathan Ames”. One of the themes is my track “Bedford Shuffle” c/o Videohelper.

Production notes: I’m pretty sure that piano sound went like this:

1. Find old upright at 3rd Ward.
2. Hire disgruntled tuner.
3. Record chromatic one-shots in photo Studio C.
4. Edit, map, and sequence chords.
5. Lay off to ca. 1960′s 1/4″ tape via 1977 TEAC 2300S.
6. Un-spool tape and crumple up by hand.
7. Re-spool on to TEAC.
8. Re-record while creating wow and flutter by stopping/hitting reels.


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