7 Days in September

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This is one of the most bittersweet/confusing moments I’ve ever had as a composer for film and TV. 7 Days in September is a documentary released in 2002 from the filmmaking collective Camera Planet. It chronicles the events of September 11th 2001 (and the following week) via video footage collected from 27 different directors, videographers, and amateurs. It is a powerful, harsh, street-level immersion into that day make no mistake. See the New York Times review here. The tracks used are all c/o Videohelper (ASCAP) and play out as:

Clip 1: “Subterra” and “Arctic Desert”. Clip 2: “Badlands” and Clip 3: “Somnolent Drops”.

Work like this does make me want to pursue more documentary placements re: compose more for that end user in mind; the emotional power of the images + music is unparalleled by any fictional works.

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