Bored to Death

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For the show Bored to Death, HBO produces a segment called “Inside the Mind of Jonathan Ames”. One of the themes is my track “Bedford Shuffle” c/o Videohelper.

Production notes: I’m pretty sure that piano sound went like this:

1. Find old upright at 3rd Ward.
2. Hire disgruntled tuner.
3. Record chromatic one-shots in photo Studio C.
4. Edit, map, and sequence chords.
5. Lay off to ca. 1960′s 1/4″ tape via 1977 TEAC 2300S.
6. Un-spool tape and crumple up by hand.
7. Re-spool on to TEAC.
8. Re-record while creating wow and flutter by stopping/hitting reels.


Hung (S3)

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Here’s a new campaign for the HBO Original Series Hung. It’s using my track “Black Denim” via Videohelper from 2008; it’s a pretty cool music-heavy spot.

I usually don’t produce rock music but everyone loves a shuffle these days. Every now and then I do turn on an amp.

See also the track “Delinquent” here and here.

True Blood: Digging Up Season 3

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Here’s an edit of HBO’s True Blood: Digging Up Season 3. It uses CA70 tracks as background cues and they are all © 2000-2004 by Videohelper. They play out as:

“The Unearthly”
“Enter The Shaman”
“Five Ways to Die”

“The Unearthly” contains samples/noise of reel-to-reel tape I buried in a graveyard in Sleepy Hollow during Halloween week of 2003. Method that!

HBO Films: My Zinc Bed

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This is the trailer (via Viewpoint Creative) for the HBO Films/BBC production of My Zinc Bed (2008). It features 4 tracks of mine produced at Videohelper from 2000-2004 starting at :26. They are:

“The Destroyer Cometh”
“Tokyo Static”

Production note: The Chapman Stick at :40 in “Foreboding”.

Music From The Sopranos’ Cleaver

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Here’s the clip from The Sopranos (Ep. 614 “Stage 5″) where we see Christopher Moltisanti’s film Cleaver. The “score” is a track of mine called “The Unholy” via Videohelper (ASCAP) and originally aired on April 15 2007.

Diversidad Spot

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Clean and upfront yet flattish spot for HBO Latino featuring “The Bullitt Connection” from Videohelper (ASCAP) © 2001. The track is (just about) 10 years old and sounds it but you live + you learn (hopefully).

That’s an Access Virus B HARDWARE synth and probably the best part of the production; they sound so good and I miss it so. This track = 80′s teenage photos of my producer-dom. Seemed cool at the time to wear plaid blazers + peroxide my hair + wear Army medals.

Entourage (S3)

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More old website liquidation. This is a famous track from Videohelper titled “Delinquent” used for many things including recap and promo music for Season 3 of HBO’s Entourage. A fun track to produce because it’s just one take of rock. No edits or tricks.

The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

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I composed and produced the music used for HBO’s #1LDA (S1) during recaps and promos. The track is “My Main Man” from Videohelper Production Music Library (ASCAP).

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