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Here’s a CA70 track appearing in a McDonald’s commercial.

There is other production on top (I don’t know which house/who), namely the ascending brass from :10-:17 and the McTag. Other than that, the track is called “British Guy” and comes c/o VideoHelper. Here’s another place it’s turned up. That’s me playing fretted electric bass (Fender Jazz) with a pick. Produced ca. 2008-09 while a resident at 3rd Ward.

I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s for over 13 years and I’ll just leave it at that. See if you can recognize the same orchestra hits from (the same sound library as used in) The Streets “Same Old Thing”.

Dubstep DJs: Notice the guitar skanks? Same session as “Midnight Sun“, released 3 years ago this week. Go buy a copy to celebrate!

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