Attention Screen @ Otto’s 11/5/10

EDIT: This show is canceled! Here’s why. Sorry!

Double (twin) basses with guests John Atkinson and Liam Sillery.

Attention Screen @ YASI

Thanks to all who attended the (almost sold-out) concert at YASI. Read about it at Stereophile’s Stephen Mejias’ blog here and check the Stereophile photo gallery here. The recording is to be released this October at the 2010 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver. Stay tuned for details about the record release party @ YASI and Stereophile interview.

Attention Screen Reviews and Art History

Other Attention Screen graphic design. Also note Snowflake on one of the flyers. Check the reviews of Live at Merkin Hall (STPH018-2) via Stereomojo’s Best of 2007 and Downtown Music Gallery.

The “design concept” was obvious; 4 players, 4 basic colors. Soundbite explanation: Saul Bass/Blue Note redo with geometric cut-up Zen-chancery.

Attention Screen Concert and Recording

Some readers know about the free-jazz/world-noise group Attention Screen I’ve been with since 2006. The group has recorded 3 discs so far–one independent (La Tessitura HOJO 110) and two for Stereophile Records (Live at Merkin Hall STPH018-2 and Live at Otto’s Shrunken Head STPH020-2). This will be our 3rd Stereophile release (and maybe our last compact disc as we may just go digital and vinyl only).

This concert is a joint venture between Yamaha and Stereophile to promote their new AvantGrand N3 electric/digital/sampled piano. Read all about the piano and the event here and here.

For people who do not know about the history of this group, please check Wes Phillips’ review of the Merkin Hall concert here, an extensive article about the production of LAMH here, and the PR re: the release of Live at Otto’s Shrunken Head here.

I invite everyone to attend this rare opp to see AS in a recital hall setting which will be both intimate/elegant and rowdy/loud. AS is 100% spontaneous composition. I have heard us compared to: AMM, Can, King Crimson, Weather Report, and Keith Jarrett/Jack DeJohnette projects. AS has also had Daniel Carter, Andy Haas, Dee Pop, and David Gould as ad hoc members. Their associated acts are everyone from Sun Ra to Thurston Moore to John Zorn to Elliot Carter to Bush Tetras.

Note: I also create all AS graphics. Check back for a post re: AS art history and other ephemera. See you all at this once-in-a-lifetime concert. Ticketholders will also get a discount on the recording they witnessed when it is released Fall 2010. Thanks so much everyone!

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